Committee Staff

Health Committee Staff

Rosielyn Pulmano, Chief Consultant Email:

Judith Babcock, Senior Consultant Email:
Scott Bain, Principal Consultant Email:
Lara Flynn, Principal Consultant Email:
Kristene Mapile, Principal Consultant Email:

Patty Rodgers, Lead Secretary Email:
Marshall Kirkland, Secretary Email:

                                                   Consultant Policy Assignments

Rosielyn Pulmano

Judy Babcock

Scott Bain

Lara Flynn

Kristene Mapile

Budget coordination


Children's Health 
Infant health / birth defects pupil health / pediatric care / WIC program / Genetic Disease Screening Program / school nutrition


Pharmaceuticals / Pharmacy / Dietary Supplements
High-priced specialty drugs / CURES


Public Health Programs
communicable & noncommunicable diseases / vaccines and immunizations/ HIV/AIDS / STDs / chronic diseases / cancer / obesity / diabetes / hypertension / prevention / drinking water / environmental health / bioterrorism / health disparities/Sherman Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law


Food safety / Food Labelling / Nutrition
California Retail Food Code (Excluding: children's nutrition)


Biotechnology / Stem cell research
Proposition 71 /cloning / genetics / emerging therapies


CLIA / Lab Field Services (X-ray, CT) / medical devices

Alcohol/Drug programs

Residential treatment facilities/Out-patient treatment / Sober living homes / Narcotic treatment programs


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)/Naloxone/SAMSHA


Dental & Denti-Cal


Narcotic Treatment Programs (NTPs)


Cannabis / Prop.64
YEPEITA / DPH related Manufacturing / Labeling


Mental/Behavioral Health

State hospitals / Autism / County services / Lanterman Petris Short (LPS) Act / Conservatorships / Laura’s Law/Prop. 63 - MHSA / suicide prevention / Developmental Disabilities

Medi-Cal/Drug Medi-Cal
Eligibility & enrollment / provider rates / MCO tax / Fraud / federal issues / disproportionate share hospitals / waivers / dual eligible / long term care integration / Rx drugs / specialty mental health / health homes / coverage & benefits / CBAS / federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) / rural health centers (RHCs) / GHPP / CHDP/ CCS


County health services / COHS/Indigent care


Medi-Cal Managed Care


 Advance directives / hospice / palliative care / End of Life Option Act


Emergency Medical Services Authority


Health Workforce
Workforce diversity / training

programs / loan repayment / scope of practice / medical technicians


Hospitals/Health Facilities
Hospital management and safety / Charity care / Licensing / Seismic / Staffing requirements / OSHPD/ Trauma  / hospital related EMS / Health care districts / surgical centers / Community clinics


Nursing Homes


Reproductive health


Tobacco products & control
Proposition 99/  Tobacco Tax


Vital Statistics


Organ donation

Exchange / Covered CA

Insurance Market / CalHEERS


Health insurance
HMOs, PPOs, Knox-Keene Act, other commercial health insurance products


Insurance Mandate Bills
 California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP) / Essential Health Benefits (EHBs)


Insurance regulation


Medical Privacy


Transparency of health care information
Quality improvement / telehealth / health information technology


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