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Committee Staff

Health Committee Staff

Rosielyn Pulmano, Chief Consultant

Judith Babcock, Senior Consultant
Scott Bain, Principal Consultant
Lara Flynn, Principal Consultant

Kristene Mapile, Principal Consultant

Patty Rodgers, Lead Secretary
Marshall Kirkland, Secretary

                                                   Consultant Policy Assignments

Rosielyn Pulmano

Judy Babcock

Scott Bain

Lara Flynn

Kristene Mapile

Budget coordination

Children's Health 
FamilyPACT / infant health / birth defects pupil health / pediatric care / WIC program / Genetic Disease Screening Program / school nutrition

Pharmaceuticals / Pharmacy/ Dietary Supplements
High-priced specialty drugs/CURES

Public Health
contagious & infectious diseases/ vaccines and immunizations/  HIV/AIDS / STDs / chronic diseases / cancer / obesity / diabetes / hypertension / prevention / drinking water / environmental health / bioterrorism / health disparities

Food safety / Food Labelling / Nutrition
California Retail Food Code (Excluding: children's nutrition)

Biotechnology / Stem cell research
Proposition 71 /cloning / genetics / emerging therapies



 CLIA / Lab Field Services (X-ray, CT) / medical devices


Alcohol/Drug programs




Dental & Denti-Cal



 DPH only

Mental/Behavioral Health

State hospitals / Autism / county services / Prop. 63 / suicide prevention/ Developmental Disabilities


Medi-Cal/Drug Medi-Cal

Eligibility & enrollment / provider rates/ MCO tax /Fraud / federal issues / disproportionate share hospitals / waivers / dual eligible / long term care integration / Rx drugs / specialty mental health / health homes / coverage & benefits / CBAS /federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) / rural health centers (RHCs)/ GHPP / CHDP/ CCS /


County health services / COHS/Indigent care


Medi-Cal Managed Care



 Advance directives / hospice / palliative care / right to die


Emergency Medical Services


Health Workforce
 Workforce diversity / training programs / loan repayment / scope of practice / medical technicians


Hospitals/Health Facilities

 Community clinics/Charity care / Licensing /Seismic/Staffing requirements / OSHPD/

 Trauma /hospital related EMS /

 Health care districts/surgical centers


Nursing Homes

 (licensing only)

Reproductive health


Tobacco control

 Proposition 99/  Tobacco Tax

Vital Statistics


Organ donation


 Insurance Market / CalHEERS


Health insurance
 Managed care, pharmacy


Insurance Mandate Bills

 California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP) / Essential Health Benefits (EHBs)



 Insurance regulation



Medical Privacy



Transparency of health care information

 Quality improvement / telehealth / health information technology


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